Zoom Classes My Kids Like?

Need help supporting your child’s learning at home?
ZOOM with us!

The Circletime Difference

Our live and interactive classes combine meaningful screen-time for your children with unbeatable convenience for you!  Children develop a relationship with our amazing teachers and come back week after week. STEM, Literacy, Arts, Movement, Fitness, Mindfulness and more for children 0-8. Very limited (if any) materials required. All play-based or experiential to keep your children actively learning, even after the class is over.

Use code HOMEFUN1 for the rest of July 2020 to gain free access!

Thousands of families have used our classes and continue to come back for more. The anytime, anywhere convenience of our live, “Zoom-style” interactive classes led by real teachers makes it easy to keep little ones engaged without adult involvement. Unlike other live virtual classes out there, you can safely turn on your camera and walk away: only our teachers can see your kids! This protects your privacy, makes it easier for little kids to follow along, and allows our instructors to engage with them in real time.  

Miss a live class? Dive into our library of pre-recorded content and catch it there!

We are in beta and will soon be launching a whole new immersive experience to make it even easier for you to support your children’s learning at home.  For now, keep checking in for new classes each week. And thanks for being a part of our Circletime community—we are excited to grow with you and your family!

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We look forward to Zooming with your family soon!

Learn, Play, Grow

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