The Role of the Home Learning Environment in Children’s Academic Success

Learning at home is an important aspect of children’s academic development

Pioneering Live Online Learning for Children

If you’re a Circletime OG then you know we are pioneers of live, interactive online classes for kids. We had this idea well before COVID-19 ushered in remote school.

Why? Because children today are more than digital natives – they are social media natives, they are smartphone natives…we can’t turn back time. Babies today are literally born with a phone shoved in their face.

In fact, children are introduced to screens at the tender age of 4 months. Instead of debating screen-time, it’s more productive to educate families in how to use screen time in a healthy way.

We Are Building Convenience for Parents

How can we help? We are parents ourselves! We understand that the most important things are convenience and quality. In a sea of weird videos and gimmicky apps, we make it easy to give kids educational experiences. Circletime promotes a high-quality home learning environment (HLE). 

Why is an HLE important? A strong HLE is a key factor for early childhood development and lifelong educational success. This is true regardless of socio-economic factors. 

But how can we use Circletime to build an HLE? Unlike passive video (watching YouTube, Netflix, etc), the AAP endorses live, interactive video chat from birth, with research already proving that it bolster children’s verbal development from as young as 18 months. 

Remember, it was just a short 50 years ago that creators like Joan Ganz-Cooney reimagined the use of television to promote education (leading to the genesis of the now ubiquitous Sesame Street). Now, we believe it’s time to reimagine how we use live, interactive video to create authentic connections between educators and families.

While the pandemic shift to social distancing has proliferated this idea, the reality remains that the vast majority of online experiences for kids have been painful and unpleasant.

Virtual Learning Can Be AMAZING

If you’ve joined us for a live class, you know it doesn’t have to be that way: your wonderful feedback over the past few months is proof that it IS possible to create joyful and active ways for kids to learn and play virtually.  

Here are the 3 key elements to create a stellar ZOOM educational experience for kids:

  1. An engaged, experienced instructor
  2. Fun, experiential and active content
  3. Relaxed, playful approach

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