The Circletime Mission

We are grateful to the wonderful team at 4.0 Schools for the opportunity to share more about our work and mission on their podcast.  

In early 2018, we launched a mission to use technology to finally create mass scale and broad access to quality early childhood education. We believed that we could use live, virtual, interactive classes to make a meaningful impact on kindergarten readiness and set children up for lifelong learning success worldwide. 

For Circletime, COVID-19 has been a tremendous trial-by-fire. In March, knee-deep in beta testing and research, we couldn’t ignore the signs that we were about to face one of the biggest educational crises of our lifetimes. Despite the challenges of being a small company, the importance of our mission called to us. We worked incredibly hard, often well beyond our reach, to meet it

We appreciate the support of our users in bearing with us through technical glitches, poor connections, and whatever else may have made the Circletime experience less than perfect for you.  We have tried to do all we could to be your partner and a source of trusted support. We are in this for the long haul: to build a future where young children have at least as much exposure to passionate educators as they do to social media influencers. 

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