Teacher Spotlight: Lisa Frechette

Courses: Zen Space Paper Play , Draw It Out, Zen Space Writing

How did you get into teaching?
Lisa:  I was part of a group that created a preschool with a focus on nature and the arts. Learning about this sweet age, developing an innovative curriculum, and connecting with the kids enriched my life.  I continued my studies and earned a master’s degree in education.

What do you love most about teaching?
Lisa: I love the heartfelt connection, guiding each child’s unique learning style and nurturing his/her individuality. I love witnessing each young person’s growth and evolution. It’s an honor to participate in children’s lives.

What do you love about working with Circletime?
Lisa: I love the philosophy and mission of Circletime. Supporting parents and their small ones in the comfort of their homes. As well as providing an array of creative classes is needed in our culture. I love that Circletime caters to the family without advertising and keeps classes simple and easy to access.

What’s something quirky about you or a talent? 
Lisa: One of my quirks is painting swirls on paper using a grouting tool. I’ve taken my swirly art and put the designs on clothing. It all came about without a plan. Every day I wear my art!

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