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Courtesy of Weldon

Check out three parents-only sessions in our library on timely and current topics. This is part of our partnership with Weldon to bring parents and caregivers additional resources, support and community during these unprecedented times.

1) Increasing Your Child’s Attention Span with Dr. Laura Katz, a nationally certified school psychologist. Dr. Katz’s work as a school psychologist provides her unique insights into how children function in school settings. Her work has encompassed students and families from a wide variety of backgrounds, geographically, ethnically, and socio-economically. Through her training and work experiences, she has worked not only to understand a child’s underlying cognitive processes, but also to explore the impact of a child’s environment upon their functioning.  In this way, she is able to collaborate with the important adults in a child’s life to problem-solve and implement simple, practical solutions to set children up for success. 

2) Creating Calm in Your House: Parenting Strategies to Ease the Chaos. Bonnie Koonsman is a Licensed Masters Social Worker and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, plays therapy, treating social anxiety and ADHD, improving family systems, and social skills coaching. Bonnie explained how to diffuse tense situations in the home among lots of other helpful ideas to keep the stress low (lower) in the home.  We have already used and been successful with several of her tactics in our own homes.

3) Understanding Your Child’s Emotions. Katelyn Williams, a licensed Professional School Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor, loves supporting families and educating parents on the best ways to care for and nurture their children. She gave practical advice on how to gain insights into what your children are experiencing at this time, which they are unlikely to communicate directly. We walked away with a much better understanding of what is happening in our homes.

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