Online Children’s Learning: Circletime on the #rachaelrayshow

Rachael Ray talking about the wonderful benefits of Circletime
Circletime was featured on the Rachael Ray Show

Make learning personalized. The best thing about digital education tools is that you can personalize and customize to your child’s needs. Online children’s learning is an important element in your education toolkit. It gives kids agency to follow their interests. They feel validated as learners and keep coming back for more. It’s a magical thing to see.

Use tools to help. After all, the best way to support your child’s learning journey is to meet them where they’re at. If you’re not a professional educator, that can feel overwhelming. That’s why you should lean into high-quality solutions to guide and help.

We are not all naturally inspired. As Rachael Ray says, some of us need a class to inspire us and help us unlock our creative superpowers. Online classes are a wonderful, convenient way to do just that. When

Circletime helps with curated content. With Circletime, you open up a portal to online children’s learning with drop-in convenience to curated, teacher-led classes to satisfy a broad range of interests. Check out our weekly schedule to get a taste.

The best teacher for every child. Children love interacting and engaging with our educators. It’s a safe, socially interactive environment that wonderfully replaces passive screentime, whether it’s random YouTube Kids videos or too much Netflix.

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