Engage your kids in STEM from an early age

📚 Research tells us there are many benefits of engaging children in STEM learning in the earliest years of life.  In fact, a growing number of studies show a correlation between early experiences with STEM subjects and later success in those subjects or in school generally.  

The recent Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8 report even warned that ‘without such education starting, and continuing, throughout the early years, many children will be on a trajectory in which they will have great difficulty catching up to their peers.’⁠  The Joan Ganz Cooney Center (aka the research folks behind beloved Sesame Street) shared some of these findings in the 2017 report Stem Starts Early report

🔬 With research on each of the four STEM branches demonstrating just how much is at stake in early exposure to these areas of learning, we take the conclusions very seriously. That’s why the Circletime Team brings you courses such as Full STEaM AheadGo2Science Field MissionsPlus, Minus & Beyond, and more. 

Check our STEM classes and let us help you build a strong foundation for your children lifelong learning success.

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