Dance: A Powerful Element in Education

Dancing Feeds the Brain Through Cognitive Loops & Supports Early Literacy
Circletime is focused on supporting whole child development. Therefore, our content is grounded in active and sensorial activities. Learning in this way tracks developmental milestones. It “fires up” as many synapses as possible in the critical early years of brain growth.  Exposing your children early and often to a multi-disciplinary approach gives them a variety of ways to explore and gain knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime. 

Dance is a wonderful example of how to put this into practice. Our understanding on how dance helps children mature emotionally, socially, and cognitively as well.  In fact, more than 400 studies related to interdisciplinary neuroscience reveal the hidden value of dance.  Interestingly, as a method of conveying ideas and emotions, the language of dance draws upon similar places and thought processes in the brain as verbal language. It also creates cognitive loops. Our Story Party class embodies this with prompts and movement acting as a cognitive loop between the idea and the outcome. This teaches an infant, child and, ultimately, adult to function in and understand the world.

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