Black Lives Matter

Each black life lost to hatred and violence is one life too many. Each and every instance that bears witness to systemic racism and injustice within our society reminds us that we need to fight harder and do better. We are committed to the hard work of creating true equality. Part of this is acknowledging that we will make mistakes. When we do, we will rely on open dialogue to help us correct course. 

We built Circletime to maximize the social power of education and technology. Creating equal access to knowledge and opportunities is an important part of addressing structural inequality. Justice, inclusion, and empathy have to be instilled from birth. They should be at the heart of a child’s education. These are our founding principles, not an afterthought.  From day one, we have designed our platform to be a safe, diverse and inclusive community space for educators and families. Full stop. No ifs, ands, or buts. 

From day one, we have worked to ensure broad access, regardless of socioeconomic or geographic circumstances, in line with our social justice principles. And from day one, we have pushed our content to be representative and diverse, knowing full well how important it is for all children to see themselves on Circletime. 

But we are not there yet.  We need to do more.

As those who work in children’s education know, every day is a day to fight for change, to build something new, and to imagine what is possible. We cannot and will not abandon the fight. 

Our mission is centered on education as the way forward. Children are our greatest agents of positive, peaceful and lasting change.  As research tells us, exposure to diversity throughout a child’s life span will imbue in them that there are more important qualities than color of skin, physical features, expressions, ethnicity, or gender. Today, we are doubling down on the commitment to use our platform to make education more diverse, inclusive, and compassionate. We hope our classes continue to be a positive outlet for your families.  It is often through moments of connectedness that we find the ways to dialogue.  On the Circletime Virtual Stage, you can check out our special session of History Rocks, focused on kid-friendly, impactful songs of change that challenged the status quo of their time and are still very relevant today.

We’ve also added a special “Story Time with Ms. Lesha: Let’s Talk About Differences.” These are interactive stories to spark discussions.

What If We Were All the Same?  by C.M. Harris

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

The Circletime team, including our wonderful educators, will continue working on new and additional ways to advance this cause. As we always have: we are listening, we are learning and we will hold space. Here, you and your children will always have a voice.  

Learn, Play, Grow,
Team Circletime

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