Being Intentional Around Children

Our children are growing up as “digital natives.” If we thought it was difficult before the “social distancing/work from home/distance learning” trifecta, it is now nearly impossible to keep our kids from seeing that technology is central to our modern lifestyles. If that worries you, you are not alone. There is a lot of anxiety around children’s technology and screen use due to misinformation and general confusion around the topic.

To build Circletime, we did lots of research and worked with experts to ensure we were bringing to market developmentally appropriate and healthy screen time. One big lesson we learned in our journey is that, when it comes to technology and media use, context matters

Using your devices for a focused task is very different from absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram, and your kids know that. If you are awaiting an important email or message, tell them so.  The more our children see our device use as intentional, the easier it is for them to understand that technology is a tool—a means to communicate, produce, and create. To instill a healthy relationship with media and technology in our children, we need to help them tilt the balance to actively CREATING rather than passively CONSUMING.

Small tips for when you are in “parent mode”: to keep from mindlessly reaching for your smartphone, turn off notifications for nonessential applications and turn your screen to black & white mode. 

Learn, Play, Grow

Team Circletime

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