Author: Tatiana Feldman

Boredom as a Tool

In our pre-covid days, children’s boredom was something easy to solve and thus overlook. This quickly unraveled into chaos when social distancing became the norm because of one or a combination of the following factors:Children’s time is always so structured that they weren’t used to finding fun things to do with…

Dance: A Powerful Element in Education

Circletime is focused on supporting whole child development. Therefore, our content is grounded on active and sensorial activities. Learning in this way tracks developmental milestones. It “fires up” as many synapses as possible in the critical early years of brain growth.  Exposing your children  early and often to a multi-disciplinary approach…

The Circletime Mission

For episode 5, we talked to CEO and current Tiny fellow, Tatiana Feldman about screen time, culturally relevant content, and launching Circletime in the midst of a global pandemic. Through the spring and COVID-19-related school shutdowns, Circletime provided its virtual live classes free to families to support parents in engaging their children in play-based learning opportunities.

Helping Children Talk About Differences

TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: Dalesha Smallwood Ms. Lesha, one of our most popular teachers, has kicked off a series of classes to help families discuss challenging topics around differences with their littlest ones in an age-appropriate way. ⁠⁠Ms. Lesha brings a unique sensitivity in how she introduces themes to children. ⁠⁠Join Circletime…

Being Intentional Around Children

Our children are growing up as “digital natives.” In the current pandemic setup, it is nearly impossible to keep our kids from seeing that technology is central to our modern lifestyles. If that worries you, you are not alone. There is a lot of anxiety around children’s technology and screen use due to misinformation and general confusion around the topic. But rest assured that when it comes to technology and media use, context matters.