90% Kid, 10% Toy

If you’re anything like us, your house has been overtaken by your children’s possessions. The more we pick up, the more gets strewn around. Our comfort lies in knowing that, as our children reconfigure their belongings, they are creating new worlds and exploring new possibilities.

Nevertheless, we still need to contain the chaos. Circletime classes show children how they can repurpose materials, helping them find joy in using the simplest of things. That is intentional — we do not believe expensive or flashy toys are necessary for developmentally appropriate stimulation. In fact, research supports that flashy toys are less effective than simple ones. Rule of thumb: “the best toys are 90% kid, and only 10% toy.”

Our planet needs us to buy less and reuse more. Toys are a very easy place to start. To make the most of the ones you already own, rotate them by storing away part of the collection, and swap the ones that have been outgrown for other, gently used ones. Here are tips to swap safely during the pandemic.

We hope to “Zoom” with you soon!

Learn, Play, Grow,
Team Circletime

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